Venue Assessment and Design

The needs of live and broadcast production have changed dramatically over the last few years, and since 2020, have thrown new means of production and new audiences with even bigger needs at every events and venue.

Making sense of what is needed, what is not needed and what is expected by audiences, entertainers and presenters is overwhelming! The technology not only moves fast, but has a language of its own that can be even more daunting. Combine that with the need to delve into that world with the needs of hundreds, to thousands to TENS of thousands of audience members and it is enough to make even the seasoned administrator terrified! Then, there are the teams of sales people supported by manufacturers who are adept at providing the best in the industry for audio, video, broadcasting and event management tools... for a hefty price. Then there is the venue itself, which may be great to look at, but then the science of sound comes in and you start to realize that the shape of the venue, the construction materials and even the weather can conspire to make even the best artists with the most state of the art production equipment victims of bad acoustics.

This is where we come in.

You need someone in your corner who can stand in the middle of the storm and understand the various aspects. Someone who not only knows what it takes to produce a good show, but what will work for YOUR show, and what will fit in the budgets and needs of you and your production. Someone who isn't influenced by sales people or incentives by manufacturers. Someone who sees beyond the trends and the hype and knows what works and works well, without being pressured or tempted by the slick marketing.

Of course, the best technology and the sharpest acoustic design mean nothing without the right people to manage and operate it. You know who the best people are: YOUR people.

So, why not train them to use the best?

Have Sonic Jackalope design a training program that not only gets your staff up to speed with your new upgrades and designs, but can be implemented in the future with new employees or production teams, with custom education modules that can be adapted as your production evolves, designed for the way your team works.