Podcast Production

Whether you are in a commute, unwinding from a long day or simply wanting some new entertainment, podcasts have become the content of choice in the 21st century. And, with a wealth of listeners and topics as different as people, there is a show for everyone's tastes.

But recording them to sound broadcast quality is HARD! And then there is all the hosting and formatting...

Why spend every spare moment for weeks trying to get it "just right" and being crushed under the weight of endless online tutorials for mixing audio and dubious "producers" from classified ads when you can hire a degreed, experienced engineer with nearly 25 years of production and broadcast experience to take care of the podcast's needs, allowing you more time to create engaging content.

It may be as simple as editing and mixing the show you have recorded to assisting getting your podcast out to the world by arranging hosting and walking you through the maze that is podcast distribution sites to even coming to YOU with the best in digital recording technology that can make anywhere into your podcast studio headquarters. Everyone's needs are different, and your idea deserves the right mix of tools, support and knowledge to help get YOUR show off the ground!

Recording Rates

In Studio: $75/Episode (1 Hour Recording / 1 Hour Mix, unlimited input max)

On Site / Field Recorded: $150/Episode ( 1 Hour Recording / 1 Hour mix, 4 input max)

All recorded podcast sessions include insert edits for intro/outro music. All sessions provided in both WAV (24 Bit / 48k) and MP3 (320mbps)
Sonic Jackalope Productions does not provide nor endorse any file hosting services