On-Site Performance Recording and Mixing

With degrees both in Theatre Production and Design and Music Production, you can be assured that your live show or studio album will have the top production quality expected in an era of increased demand for high end media anytime, anywhere. From front of house (A1) to monitor mixing (A2) to broadcast trucks, it is covered. Equally so, every aspect of studio production is taken into consideration, from administrative communications to livestream and digital content production to the last moment when you pull that fresh vinyl record out of the box with your album on it.

With nearly 25 years and tens of thousands of shows to draw from, you do not have to worry about a moment being lost during a live performance, or having that nuance being missed in the studio. And, that experience isn't reserved just for the recording, but the fast-paced, quick thinking world of live performance. Don't trust your show or event to a technician who only understands the show from the console and not as a musician, performer or as a producer as well.