If you have a production job that requires attention to detail from a true engineer who "sweats the small stuff", the only choice is to do it right the first time. From developing training protocols and programs for professional production crews, students or even volunteers to designing entire rooms, theaters and churches with the best audio production technology to fit your needs, and not the needs of a salesman.

Or, perhaps you are in need of recording, mixing and mastering. Either in our upcoming studio or during live performances, albums, commercial broadcasts and even podcasts, let 25 years of experience on tens of thousands of shows be put to your production!

Sonic Jackalope Productions supports *ALL* members of the music and fine arts community. There is no room for racism, sexism, homophobia, or transphobia in our studios or any production affiliated with our studio, production company or name.

Call or email for a consultation and quote, either on-site to your venue in person or video-conferencing

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